This is the story of how our restaurant KUSH came to be…

Hoping to educate and help grow the craft beer community in South Florida, Matt decided to open an exclusive craft beer bar unlike any other in the State of Florida.

With the focus on beer knowledge and Matt’s restaurant experience, plus extensive research, planning, and hard work, KUSH was born.

At KUSH we believe that a properly crafted beer is a work of art no different than a Purvis Young painting. With that in mind, KUSH’s mission is to unite quality craft beers, locally sourced food, and engaging works created by visionary local artists all under one roof.

Our beer menu consists of eighteen taps, one nitro tap, an ocassinal cask, and an aged and reserve bottle list – a beer menu the likes of which the Florida beer community has never seen. We also offer an exclusive selection of small production wines. KUSH collaborates with local breweries to offer rare releases and exclusive craft beers made just for KUSH. If you’re interested in the actual craft of beer brewing, we invite you to meet the pioneers of Miami’s burgeoning craft beer industry at one of our many special events or participate in our monthly home brewers series. We are determined to offer you only high-quality craft beers and that is what we are committed to serving. We know we will attract the beer geeks, but educating beginners will be a big focus of ours as well.

We also staunchly believe that quality, not quantity, is what people truly crave, and our limited-selection food menu demonstrates that principle. You’ll recognize some menu items from our brothers at LoKal, recipes that embody KUSH’s mission and compliment our ales. We also offer several dishes specifically created and served only at KUSH. All our dishes are made from the freshest ingredients we can find. Our food is sourced from Florida farms and we make everything from scratch every single day – right down to our ketchup and key lime pie. Even our beef is delivered from a farm in Fort McCoy, Florida every week, and we grind it in-house. And like LoKal, voted the “Most Green Restaurant in Florida” by the Nature Conservancy, KUSH believes that ‘green is good’ and strives to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Our hood is the most art-centric neighborhood in the world and our walls reflect that. While drinking and dining at KUSH you will always be surrounded by works of art created by premiere local artists.

We take our mission seriously and aim to provide our patrons with the absolute best beer list in the State of Florida; fresh, delicious food every single day; and compelling visual stimuli.

KUSH is more than a pub, more than a bar, more than a restaurant – it’s an experience. Come by for one of our rare keg tastings, visit us during one of our weekly beer events, or stop by for lunch and see for yourself.